Always love coming to the clinic- always so professional and Dr Peter, Elise, Megan and Rach make the best team! Thank you for always looking after my puppies- would definitely recommend friends and family to Bayswater Vet Clinic! 

~ Emily


Very welcoming . Managed to deal with very skittish cats. They were putty in his hands .

~ Kerry


Our great Dane usually would need to be vet examined outside. At Bayswater our girl happily walked in first vet visit inside.

~ Kristie


Brilliant vet. Very helpful in all situations. My cats love going which is unusual.

~ Moana


The most caring and supportive veterinary clinic I have come across. Genuinely passionate about animals and their humans.

~ Louise


Great people who know dogs by name as they come in the front door. Follow up is a friendly phone call and even when Loki had to go to 24hr emergency vet they called to make sure he was ok and all was well. Both our dogs are treated with love and professionalism.

~ Kylie B


The most caring and supportive veterinary clinic I have come across. Genuinely passionate about animals and their humans.

~ Louise


To the staff of Bayswater Vet Clinic, Would just like to take this opportunity to write about how happy I am as an owner to have my little Hugo have staff that love and care for him already. We have only been coming to your vet for just over six weeks and our experience every time is more than pleasant. Always welcomed with smiles and cuddles for little Hugo. I would also like thank Megan and Elise for all they have taught Hugo and myself in puppy school classes. By the end of puppy school, Hugo has learnt how to play with other pups and gained a little more confidence, which is why I would recommend puppy school for all new dog owners. Thank you all for your bubbly personalities, knowledge and overall customer service. Hugo is one happy pup!
~ Nada


I am so glad that I took advantage of the stem cell therapy for my cat Sammy. The staff were fantastic both in giving information beforehand and looking after Sam while he was with them for the day of the procedure. He recovered quickly and we have never looked back. What a fantastic treatment. Worth every cent. Thank you to you all! Alison

~ Alison H


We have had the best of care for our Yoshie during a very difficult time. All the staff have been amazing and I believe if it was not for the caring of the Bayswater Vet staff she would never have healed as well as she has. I can not thank you guys enough X

~ Tabitha W


I recently phoned the vet clinic for some advice on my sick little Pug Dog. I found the assistance I received to be open and honest and was impressed with the amount of knowledge the person I spoke with had. And although as a result of the advice I received I didn't need to take my 'fur baby' in to the clinic, I will definitely use this clinic again! I'm happy to report that my little Pug is happy and healthy again (I'm afraid he over indulged over Christmas :-) )

~ Katherine


These people looked after our dog for many years until he died. Very caring and professional. My wife and I unreservedly recommend them to anyone who cares about their pets.

~ Tony


Our great Dane usually would need to be vet examined outside. At Bayswater our girl happily walked in first vet visit inside.

~ Kristie


A truly wonderful, compassionate animal-loving vet clinic. I cannot express enough appreciation for the care Peter, Elise and the team have taken of us and our pets over the years - through good times and bad. We really trust and value the opinions and hard work of this amazing veterinary team.

~ Kate S


Unfortunately we had to have our dog put to sleep. The staff were very courteous and caring and showed genuine concern for our feelings.

~ Gerry


Had Great service bringing my Haart foster puppy in!

~ Rachel H


Wish we could give more stars because you guys deserve it!!! Bayswater vet is the only place that I trust 110% with my fur babies! I have never experienced the care, compassion & service anywhere else! We have been coming here for about 4 years and Dr Peter has been an absolute hero for our babies! Without him and his team (especially Elise & Megan) our accident prone chihuahua and newest addition puppy would not be as healthy and happy today!!! Our eldest dog (Harley) only got to visit here once where he sadly crossed the rainbow bridge but thankfully was put out all the pain he was in! I only wish we had found Dr Peter earlier as Harley may have had a few more months-years with us had he been diagnosed early on! Maci has had her needles & hernia check ups & puppy school classes here (soon desexing and fixing of both hernias) & Lilly has had yearly check ups, desexing, surgery on her claw, ear infection, gastro & most recently a femoral head Ostectomy after dislocating her hip and having it out for a few days. Every single appointment has been great even when it's been bad news the support and care they have given us is beyond anything we could have wished for! When you find a vet like this you don't go anywhere else! Hope you guys can put up with us for another 50+ years! 

We LOVE Bayswater vet, dr Peter, Elise, Megan and the rest of the team! Thankyou for always putting up with our million visits, questions and the many many tears! Lots of puppy kisses and chi hugs
~ Charlotte H


Fantastic service from this great vet clinic. The nurse was friendly and professional and the vet I saw was very kind and gentle with my distressed dog who had suffered some painful injuries after an accident. I thoroughly recommend this Veterinary Clinic to anyone who wishes superb support and professional service for their pets.

~ Alison


I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team at Bayswater vet for taking such good care of my puppy Oscar during his first 5 months of life. A special mention to Megan for always giving Oscar lots of cuddles and answering my million questions whenever we pop inSuch a wonderful place for our pets to come visit!

~ Allison W


Baywater Veterinary Clinic really helped my dog have a speedy recovery. My German Shepard dog was throwing up and not eating hes food. I was worried but the vet and the other staff members were very helpful and was able to give me advice. The vet provided medication for my dog which got him standing on his four paws again. I strongely recomend this Veterinary Clinic for all animals in need.

~ Stefan


I recently phoned the vet clinic for some advice on my sick little Pug Dog. I found the assistance I received to be open and honest and was impressed with the amount of knowledge the person I spoke with had. And although as a result of the advice I received I didn't need to take my 'fur baby' in to the clinic, I will definitely use this clinic again! I'm happy to report that my little Pug is happy and healthy again (I'm afraid he over indulged over Christmas :-) 

~ Katherine


Very welcoming . Managed to deal with very skittish cats. They were putty in his hands .

~ Kerry


Very easy going veterinarians and clinic staff made my animal feel safe and made me feel relieved that my animal was getting the best care

~ Anthony


I would recommend the Bayswater Vetinary Clinic to anyone who owns a pet in the Bayswater and surrounding suburbs for both routine visits and emergency care. The team are friendly, compassionate and they clearly have a love of animals.

~ Gail


After one visit to Bayswater Vet Clinic. I am really happy with the treatment and care shown to my papillon Mango.

~ Carole L

I have a foster greyhound who was very ill with a bacteria infection. Bayswater Vets were so kind and looked after him with the best of care. Thanks guys see you soon <3 Senor sends lots of happy barks your way.

~ Lara H



Made the loss of our pet cat less painfull and even rang us up a few days later to make sure we were OK.

~ Terry


Staff were so kind and friendly, our dog felt right at home.

~ Aryab


Everyone is so friendly! It's nice to know my pets are well looked after and loved when we visit.

~ Tash S


I have been to other vets, but this clinic really stands out. You don't feel like you're being rushed to be seen, the consultation is thorough and explained, most importantly is that my dogs don't tremble being there, which is something I couldnt say before. I would always recommend this clinic if you are looking for a vet that is kind and compassionate.

~ Kathleen B



Thank you so much to all the wonderful staff at Bayswater Vet today for taking such good care of little Maxie for his first few years of life. You're all so caring and welcoming - we know every time we come and see you that the service will be great and we'll have whatever is bugging him seen to and fixed. He's not very happy with his bucket on tonight but I'm just so glad that he's happy and healthy. Great service, great prices, great people - I'd recommend to anyone. Thank you again!

~ Elly J



I used Bayswater vet a year ago for my Mums dog and they were really helpful and affordable! Best place to go for your loved pets.

~ Kate


Shannon was absolutely amazing - we enjoyed the 4 weeks of puppy school and found it extremely helpful. It was a great experience and would recommend not just the puppy school, but all of Bayswater Vet services to anyone. Amazing work from all of you!

~ Vivian


Wonderful and caring people at the vet clinic. Great service.

~ Barbara


We just wanted to say another big THANK YOU for all your help over the last few months and for the wonderful puppy class. Not only did Harriet have a fantastic time, we learnt so much and really enjoyed getting to meet the other puppies (and humans!).

~ Sarah


Was looking for a local vet so I did the rounds and found this vet. Liked the friendliness and the atmosphere. Suited me and my cat....

~ Shaun


Thank you for the very fast and friendly service. For a busy vet practice with so many animals to care for, Ruby was still made to feel very special and important from beginning to end. A job very well done by all the staff.

~ Rebecca P



We enjoyed every bit of Puppy School  and so did Willow :) The puppy school was great for Willow to get to know other dogs and I also learnt a few things I never knew - always a cheerful happy team.

~ Jayme


Our little dog Rusty, recently graduated from Puppy Classes at Bayswater Vet. Now as a 16 week old excitable (and beauuuuuuutiful ) Kelpie puppy,  Rusty hadn’t shown us too many signs of enormous intellectual capacity – unless there were biscuits involved,,,,  so we were sceptical that Puppy School would be of any benefit at all. However, after all the training and information he / we received  throughout the 4 week course, no one was more surprised than us, when he was presented with his graduation certificate. We were very proud of his first (and no doubt only) academic achievement. Bayswater Vet Puppy School was a lovely environment for our new family member to learn, interact with other pups, play and make new friends. All of the information provided was very easy to digest, was of great use, and it was very personal. It was a tremendous help for the 3 of us. A big thank you to Shannon for her friendly approach , patience and guidance in helping us with our lovely little pup. Highly recommended. 5 stars !!!
~ John, Vanessa and Rusty


Excellent service, always enjoy my visits to Bayswater Vets, friendly and happy staff that obviously just love animals. The Vet is great with your animals, very efficient.

~ Arlyboo



We want to thank you so much for the patience, care and love you have given us and our beloved Pippa dog. You provide the best patient Vet care in Perth!

~ Michelle and Chris



Kind with people and animals alike, Bayswater Veterinary Clinic have always made me feel reassured that my furry friend is in safe hands.

~ Trev



Miss Piper LOVED puppy school ! What a great introduction to her vet clinic . We won't have any trouble getting her in for any appointments

~ Maria D



Wonderful staff who took great care of our Tia and Tron. Very caring when it came time to bid farewell to Tia.

~ Gee



You took care of my dog, very good my friend, she is very healthy thank you.

~ Robban



Thank you Shannon for sharing your knowledge with my mum and dad at Puppy Training, it help them understand me better. It was fun, educational and noisey. See you soon! Bambi

~ Clara B



I am mum to Princess 2. I will be forever grateful to Dr Peter Kirkpatrick for saving my furbaby girl's life. He diagnosed her mystery illness correctly. Also, staff are really friendly, kind & compassionate.

~ Laura Chang



Great place not only for taking care of your pet's health but also for your pets to meet more friends....Bayswater vet clinic has the best team!

Couldn't ask for a better or more professional practice, vet, nurses, team. Everyone is so patient, caring and understanding. Thanks for everything you do guys. ❤️

~ S. Tinirau



I've taken my dogs to Peter for years and can't fault him - genuine, compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. My whole family have had their pets cared for over the years and everyone raves about him. The team are great and, despite all the tests and stays in hospital over the years, they both love going back! That says something :) Keep up the great work!

~ Lee C.



Biggest thanks to Dr Pete & Elise for not only going above & beyond with their efforts to save our Eragon, but also for the home visit & making things so much easier for us & our fur-kids.

~ Cathy B



Taken multiple animals there, and it's been fantastic every single time. We always feel like we not only get the best treatment for our pets but all the staff make the shitty experience of having sick animals a bit more pleasant.

~ Sean M



I have been using Bayswater Vet's services for over a year, for my spoodle. I have experience from 3 other vets to compare. I am immensely intensely happy with Bayswater Vet. They're really clean and hygienic and professional, and always have everything in stock that they need, they also supply me with dental kibble and since starting it my spoodle's teeth remain pearly white. My spoodle has long ears and use to always be prone to ear infections during her first year, but for whatever reason, those ear infections have stopped. In spite of Bayswater Vet being really busy, their dedication in making themselves available for my spoodle is incredible, they're always able to see my spoodle when she needs it. Oh and a major plus - they proactively fill out my pet insurance forms after every relevant consultation - soooo convenient!! The entire team are also really friendly.

Peter Kirkpatrick and Elise Gray have seen my spoodle through the common things - ear infections, teeth related things, the odd cough or infection, vaccinations etc

But Peter and Elise and their team have also seen my spoodle through a very serious, really major surgery called a vulvoplasty or vulvo plasty. It's major surgery in my view, perhaps not to others, but to me it was and the memories of it will always be in my mind a major surgery. It was a really really hard decision to make to get the vulvoplasty for her, but now we're so glad we did. One awesome thing Peter did was that he never forced the surgery on us, he never pressured it on us, even though part of me wished he did to make the decision easier, he never pressured it. Peter did an AMAZING job with the surgery AMAZING. He removed exactly what he needed to and shaped everything right and put everything in the right place and achieved everything required and did really neat stitches. Peter's team were so supportive before during and after the surgery. They gave me updates, emails, calls on surgery day. Recovery was swift. Support afterwards was phenomenal. Everything was as perfect as a surgery can be. Hair has all grown back and it all looks genuinely perfect!

Peter and his team place so much importance on ensuring my spoodle is as happy as possible. They shower her with praise and play and they get REALLY happy when she seems happy, and we always have a discussion about this at every consultation. It means a lot to me that they are so focussed on her not just being healthy but also happy. Happy at the vets - that's a pretty big ask. But yes she does seem happy, and even paws at Peter to pat her, and my spoodle runs towards them all, and melts into Elise's hands.

Something we're a bit baffled about - when she's in the car park outside the vets, she'll actually pull on her lead to sort of charge down the footpath and through the door of the clinic? Makes no sense right? We're still a bit confused about it.

Peter always has a solution for everything as well. He's so confident and calm, puts everyone involved at eas.

Elise the Practice Manager will come to work in crutches and in pain, putting the pets before her own comfort. Shows their dedication in meeting our pets needs.

Highly recommend this place.

~ Rebekah R



Thank you guys for looking after so well Kuro, our Black lab puppy

~ Fernanda Garibotti



Best vet I have been to. Friendly people, and efficient, quality care for animals.

~ Meg Caddy



Just like to thank Shannon for making the whole process less painful for both of us, Bullet will definitely be returning here from now on

~ D Conlon



So I'm sorry (in fact I'm not sorry AT all) for the puppy spam but we took Zeus for his first vet visit today and he was a freaking BOSS!!! He got two needles, his ears cleaned, some drops down his nose and a nice little check over and not one grizzle, whine, bark or shake. It might have something to do with his amazing Vet Dr Peter Kirkpatrick from Bayswater Vet Clinic. Thanks Peter (& Elise!) from two obsessive first time puppy owners and a very happy puppy.

~A. Richards



Hi all, just wanted to say thank you soo much for coming out and looking after my old Nash boy today. I wish I had found you guys earlier. It was a sad day but the care that you showed was beautiful. He will be very missed but now I can refer ppl to a wonderful vet service. Thank you all again. x

~L. Clark



Thanking you all for your devoted and caring work in making Oscar well again (Meow!!)

~ Anne Castlehow



Very understanding & compassionate clinic. Looks are deceiving with this vet. Recommended

~ Anna Turner



Thank you so much - Gabrielle is up and about and happy. Big hugs!

~ S. Pillay



Dear Peter and Elise, Thank you very much for everything you did for Taran, especially on her last day. Your caring nature and professionalism was greatly appreciated.

~ S. Duryea



Dear Dr Peter, Elise, Elyse and Reanan - Thank you for taking good care of me after my latest stick injury. I'm learning to adjust to a life without chasing sticks.




Dear Dr Peter, Elise, Reanan and Elyse - Thank you for all you did for out 'Gilly'. It was a sad time for us. Thank you for you comforting words as well - thank you once again.

~ S & E Willgoose 



Just an update on Chief - From the minute he got home he has been acting like he didn't even have surgery! It didn't seem to bother him at all! I have come to the conclusion that you must have just done such a fantastic job on his leg that he is pain free :) The wound was so clean and is healing really well. I have had a few people comment on how great it looked! All in all his leg has had to make a speedy recovery but thankfully it's still in one piece. I just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful you were willing to help me out and go out of your way to help Chief. Your clinic and staff were a pleasure to deal with and were always so understanding and helpful. I will be recommending you to anyone that is put in a similar situation to myself. Thank you again for taking such good care of our furry baby.

~ Melissa and family 



Thanks to the fantastic staff at Bayswater Vet Clinic. Our little Rosie was in dire straits and thanks to Dr Peter all her troubles are over and she is once again a very happy little dog. Great service and always ready to help and advise. Very happy client!!!

~ A. Shingler


Many, many thank you's for all you have done for our 2 dogs. Bless you all!
~ Mahina J

Fantastic service. Rhodie doesn't completely freak out- which is amazing! The staff and the vet, Pete, are incredible, and makes us both feel comfortable and at home! They always go over an beyond to make sure they are providing the latest, best and most compassionate care!

~ J. McCarthy


You took care of my dog, very good my friend, she is very healthy thank you!
~ Mr Robban


Thank you all so much for taking care of Rose. We are so pleased she is back to her old mischievous ways. We are very grateful for the kindness and warmth you have given Rose and to us while she has been in your care.
~ Mr & Mrs Cockram 


Thank you so much for helping us through the journey with our sick Louie. You were not only able to provide excellent Vet car and advice but offered compassion and support. For this we will always be grateful.
~M. Burgermeister 


Sincere thanks for giving our beloved Honey a very dignified exit which she richly deserved because of the joy she bought to us over the years.
~ M Dalton 


Thanking you all for your devoted and caring work in making Oscar well again (Meow) Thanks!
~ A. Castlehow


Once again, many thanks to you all for your help with Emmie.
~ S. Dunlop


Thank you so very much for your help and compassion when it came time to say goodbye to our ear friend Brisk. Your understanding meant we could farewell him with love. We are so grateful to you all.
~ The Smith Family 


Just recently I discovered my new vet. When taking my dog to the Vet I was so scared I was going to lose her,.. After spending 9 years with her I wasn't about to part ways with my best friend. Bayswater Vet saved my girl and brought new life into the world.. Without Bayswater Vets she wouldn't be here today. Thank you bv!
~ S. Houstan


I have been going to Bayswater Vet Clinic for about 8 months now, as a foster carer I am there every few weeks! It is now also where I take my own fur babies. 
Peter, Elise and Danielle (as well as their work exp people) have the best 'bedside' manner of any vet I've been to. They love a good chat and are always happy to answer any questions I may have. They have great after hours emergency service - Even if I moved 2 hours outside of Perth I'd still continue to take my lot there. 
~ J. Fuentes 


Top vet friendly no fuss and caring. Keep up the good work
~ G. McNamara 


Just had to leave a comment about our new lovely vet! Firstly, I called up on a really busy day and at 11am in the morning, crossing my fingers that they would be able to squeeze me in after I finished work - they were great! They made a special appointment for me after they would usually have closed for the day so that I could get home from work in time and get down there. The staff were lovely and friendly and very chatty which was nice. Dr Pete was really interesting to talk to and went through all of our past problems with Bella really thoroughly, and gave us some new tips on how to manage her condition, and also gave us heaps of new information that we have never been told before. He was really thorough, informative and hands on, which you want in a vet! I personally was thrilled our visit and Bella, who usually hates going to the vet, sat down in the waiting room and didn't want to leave!
~ C. Craigie 


Our little ones love coming here! We really like that everything is done in house so there is no running around and our regular vet does all the procedures and gets all the results. When we had an emergency we called (at 11pm at night!) and Dr Pete came straight out and sorted our little one out for us - good as gold now! The staff are friendly and helpful - can't recommend them more highly! Thanks team :)
~ Mr & Mrs Dowdon 



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