Puppy Pre-school



There are many benefits to teaching your puppy to be well behaved at an early age. Young puppies are quite able to learn obedience skills, toileting behaviour and social boundaries. All of these things help make your relationship with your dog more rewarding for the years to come, resulting in a happier, healthier and more relaxed dog.

We provide a small and personal comprehensive Puppy Pre-school program for all of the puppies aged between 8 and 20 weeks. Our program is developed by renowned Behavioural Expert Dr Garth Jennens, known across Australia for his effective training of dogs of all shapes and sizes.


Our Puppy Pre-school runs from 6.45pm - 7.45pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night for 4 weeks - you will be provided with a number of helpful worksheets and handouts so you can continue your training at home, as well as a number of behavioural tips and tricks.

We set you up with 4 weeks FREE Pet Insurance and a FREE bag of good quality Royal Canin food.

You will also receive fun giveaways, extra training advice and tailored programs to your dogs needs.


The most important thing about Puppy Pre-school is 'start early'. Waiting too long can allow behaviour problems to establish which then require more intensive training to overcome.


With our progressive and positive learning techniques over 4 weeks, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of normal puppy behaviour.
  • Learn how to read your puppy's body language and respond appropriately.
  • Develop effective techniques for positive behavioural development.
  • Learn important tips about puppy training and socialisation.
  • Learn the basic commands and cues for training your dog.
  • Understand the need for socialising your puppy.
  • Allow your puppy to socialise with other dogs in a secure environment.
  • Teach your puppy some important 'do not' lessons.
  • Learn about the medical and physical requirements of a puppy.
  • Develop strong bonds between you and your puppy.
  • Provide a positive Vet experience, meaning your puppy wil love coming to the vet



Bayswater Vet Puppy School was a lovely environment for our new family member to learn, interact with other pups, play and make new friends. All of the information provided was very easy to digest, was of great use, and it was very personal. It was a tremendous help for the 3 of us. A big thank you to Shannon for her friendly approach , patience and guidance in helping us with our lovely little pup. Highly recommended. 5 stars !!!

~ John, Vanessa and 'Rusty'


Enjoyed every bit of it and so did Willow :) The puppy school was great for Willow to get to know other dogs and I also learnt a few things I never knew. Always a cheerful happy team!

~ Jayme and 'Willow'


Puppy School at Bayswater Vet Clinic was great! We learnt so much more than we expected regarding a whole range of topics! The price was very affordable and the staff were so helpful with all our needs and questions!!! Thank You! X

~ Brad, Jess and ‘Jobe’


We enjoyed spending time with my puppy, learning new things and we were able to ask for advice.

~ Sandra and ‘Fiori’


I would recommend Bayswater Vet Puppy School to everyone because it was so beneficial to us and Marlee!

~ Dave, Melissa and ‘Marlee’


We really enjoyed Bayswater Vet Clinic Puppy School. The information provided was very useful, the support and cuddles ‘Max received was great! We will definitely recommend Bayswater Vet Clinic to our family and friends.

~ Trevor, Val and ‘Max’


Bella has become more sociable and comfortable after Bayswater Vet Clinic puppy school. She is now more obedient and listens to us. Thank you Bayswater Vet for all your guidance – Puppy school has been a great experience!

~ Jean and ‘Bella’

So start today and call us about enrolling your puppy in our fun and comprehensive Puppy Pre-school classes
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