Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is heart wrenching and difficult, no matter what the circumstances are surrounding their passing. Whether it is old age, illness or injury, they are such a big part of our lives - a member of the family who has a lifetime of memories with us.


If you are unsure whether it has come to that time in your pet's life, please book in for a consultation our Veterinarian - we have years of experience to help guide you with this difficult decision, and we can offer alternatives to help your pet if it is not yet their time to say goodbye.


Many clients ask us "But how do you know when it is time?"
We often say that you know your pet best. Their quality of life is what is important at the end, so it is equally as important to recognise when they may be in pain, or uncomfortable - if they are no longer the pet that you have always known, it may be time to say goodbye.

Some clients wish to say goodbye before their pet becomes too ill, painful or immobile, so that they can always remember as they have known them and save them from any potential suffering as they deteriorate.

If you are considering that it may be time for your pet, just remember that their health is the most important consideration.


Whatever the reason for saying goodbye, we can help you make a decision that will help your beloved pet, making them comfortable and peaceful all the way to the end.


Many owners also consider Home Visits at this time in their pet's life - a low stress, peaceful and familiar surrounding for your pet, where you can spend time with them before and afterwards.


It is also important to think about what you would like to do after saying goodbye - would you like your pet cremated? If so, would you like their ashes returned to you? There is no rush to decide, but it often helps owners to have made this decision prior to saying goodbye. Whichever option you would like, we can help to talk you through the different options.


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We’re open 6 days a week by appointment. We also offer Home Visits if you are unable to bring your pet in, or would prefer the convenience of a Home Visit during consultation hours.

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