Skin issues and persistent ear problems are the bane of any pet owners life! The constant itching, the painful looking skin and the trips to the Vet for treatment can often feel a little too much sometimes!


There are a number of ways to deal with ongoing allergies or flare up's - each case is assessed on an individual basis so there is no "One size fits all" approach unfortunately.


Our Vet's may recommend some of the following during a consultation;

- Targeted Medical Treatment Trial

- Specialised Food Diet Trial

- Medicated Shampoos and/or Conditioners

- Environmental Changes

- Specialist Treatment



Bayswater Vet Clinic now offer a new service to pet owners whose pets have persistent or recurring skin issues with in-house dermatology specialist, Dr Sharon Bryden BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS FANZCVS. Dr Sharon is a Registered Veterinary Dermatologist Specialist who consults through Bayswater Vet Clinic - that way, the results are discussed prior to and following your specialist appointment, proper follow up care can be provided through your own Veterinarian, and your pet gets to come to a familiar and welcoming place!


To find out more about a consultation/testing with Dr Bryden, or to organise a consultation about ongoing dermatological problems with one of our veterinarians, please call us on 9371 2456.






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