Cat Boarding with Us

Going on holidays soon?
We offer facilities to board your cats for short periods of time, so you can enjoy your holidays. Our boarding facility provides your pet with a relaxed, calm atmosphere, created by having fewer kennels/animals, a design that minimises stress and allows maintenance of a high standard of hygiene. 


Please note that we only offer short term (up to 14 days) cat boarding only, as we have minimised the number of cats we board to create a less stressful environment.


Download the Cat Boarding Information Sheet

What you will need:

To ensure the safety of your cat, and other animals in our care, we require the following (mandatory);

  • PROOF of Vaccination (F5 vaccine or F6 vaccine ONLY)
  • Intestinal worming (within the last 3 months)
  • Flea Treatment (Supermarket brands are not accepted) within the last 2 weeks.


If your pet is not up to date, don't stress! We are able to vaccinate them, worm and flea treat them as soon as they come in for boarding.


If your pet requires any other procedures (nail trim, check over, grooming etc) please advise us over the phone so we can ensure time is made for your pet's procedures.


If your pet requires medication, this must be advised over the phone at the time of booking. Our Vet's and Nurses are more than capable of administering medications while your cat stays with us *


 What to bring with you:

We set up your cats cage with comfortable bedding and toys, however many cats are less stressed with familiar items and smells.

- Feel free to bring a small cat bed and any favourite toys


We use premium cat biscuits while in boarding, however sudden changes in diet cause upset stomachs.

- Please bring your cats food with you when they come in for boarding, especially if their diet is specific.


We try and make your cat as comfortable and happy as possible

- Please let us know if there is anything that you know makes your cat extremely anxious or causes them to lash out


We are able to administer your cat's medication

- Please let us know how you usually administer medications and ensure all labels are clearly displayed on packets.*

- Please organise a history to be emailed to us for your pet, if they are not a regular client


* Surcharges for medications apply




Clinic Hours
We’re open 6 days a week by appointment. We also offer Home Visits if you are unable to bring your pet in, or would prefer the convenience of a Home Visit during consultation hours.

Give us a call to book an appointment today!


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