Annual Wellness Program



What is the benefit of going on a Wellness Plan?

It’s well known that prevention is better than a cure – because our aim is to prevent as much as possible at Bayswater, we have developed a Wellness Prevention Plan that covers all aspects of preventative medicine and wellness.

Not only will you be proactively preventing health problems for your pet, you will also be saving money! We have created the Wellness Plan specifically so your pet will stay healthy, and you can relax knowing all their preventative medicine is taken care of.

You will also experience the convenience of having their monthly prevention mailed right to your front door – so we remember for you! Simply give them their treatment as soon as it arrives and you’ll never need your diary again!

You will also receive exclusive discounts, offers and complimentary products and services!

What do I get each year?

This depend on what type of plan the client opts for – Classic or Premium.

The Premium Plan covers all prevention that a pet needs, with more premium products and a higher level of prevention including better flea treatment, vaccine, worm treatment, as well as extra consultations, nail trims discounts and VIP offers.

The Classic Plan covers all basic prevention that a pet will need in a year.


What discounts do I get with the Premium Plan?

Going onto the Premium Plan not only means you get full preventative coverage, but it also means you receive complimentary discounts and special offers.

Premium Plan members received a free half yearly wellness exam, as well as discounts for illness or problem consultations. Problem or Illness consultations receive a 10% discount. Retail Discounts also apply for over the counter products, which is 5%.


How do I receive my products?

Monthly parasite control products (flea control and intestinal wormers) will be posted to you each month via Australia Post*. You will receive a reminder for injections (annual vaccination and heartworm prevention injection) you will need to make an appointment to visit Bayswater Vet Clinic with your pet.

If you have opted for the Premium package, it is at your discretion when you book in for your 4 Free Nail trims each year, and your 6 monthly health check.


How do I sign up?

Simply contact us via phone or email to start your Wellness Package today OR download the consent form HERE
Download the information brochure HERE

When can I start the Preventative program?

You can start at any time, however we generally recommend beginning the program after 6 months of age for dogs and cats. As puppies and kittens, our little ones need different vaccination, worming and heartworm regimes. Once you begin, you will receive your first preventative delivery to your door the following month, and these will keep going until the end of your contract.


What happens if I need to visit the vet for a problem or illness?

If you pet becomes ill, you will need to make an appointment at Bayswater Vet Clinic as soon as you notice the problem. While these consultations are not covered by your wellness plan, if you are on the Premium Plan, you will receive 10% off the initial consultation for any problems.


My pet's weighs more than what is listed on the brochure, what should I do?

It's not a problem if your pet weighs a little more - simply ask us about the small extra cost that you can add on to your chosen Plan, which covers the cost of additinal preventative products.


How much does it cost per year?

This depends on the type of plan, species of the pet and weight of the animal, as well as which option the client would like to take to pay.

Pay Up Front – set cost and the client can relax for the rest of the year


What happens if I move?

As long as you update your mailing address with us, we will continue to send monthly prevention to your door.

As the vaccination and Proheart inj are just one visit, you will still need to attend Bayswater Vet Clinic for the appointment. A home visit can be organised for an extra fee.


Can I get a refund on my plan?

No. The Plans have been constructed as a package, rather than individual products or services. Because the package can’t be de-constructed into individual items, a refund is not possible as we cannot determine individual prices.


Can I exchange one of my preventatives for another?

We have selected our Wellness Plan products with your pet's optimum health care in mind. Our selection enables us to provide the best health care possible at the most affordable price for you, therefore we are not able to substitute a different product.


What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment, there is not enough money in your account, or your credit card declines, we will hold your preventative shipment until we get in contact with you and another form of payment can be organised. Each Wellness Plan is a 12 month contract. Default or missed payment fees and charges apply from Ezidebit so please ensure you plan for each monthly payment.


*We post reminders and preventatives via Australia Post - we do not, and cannot, take responsibility for the product once it has been posted with Australia post.


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