Stem Cell Therapy

Cutting edge technology is now available at Bayswater Vet Clinic for those patients suffering from the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis (arthritis), hip dysplasia and other degenerative joint problems - Stem Cell Therapy.


Bayswater Vet Clinic is proud to announce our ability to offer this cutting edge therapy to our clients and the wider community, to help combat the effects of arthritis such as pain, decreasing and limited mobility, toileting accidents and stiff joints. Stem Cell therapy has also been used in patients suffering from spinal injuries, neurological problems and major surgeries (ie cruciate surgeries), with great success. Many animals suffering from arthritis, especially, are often left with few alternatives after trying weight loss programs, physical therapy, joint supplements and non-steroidal medications. Many used to have to resort to Total Hip Replacements - an expensive and extremely invasive surgery requiring 4-6 months of recovery.


As one of only 4 clinics certified to perform and administer this cutting edge therapy in WA, the owners of Bayswater Vet Clinic's current Stem Cell recipients have reported

- huge reductions in noticable signs of pain,

- a significant increase in mobility,

- ease of movement and range of motions, as well as

- increases in energy levels and eagerness to move about.


Stem Cell Therapy has pushed forward in leaps and bounds - once only available at huge costs and with multiple hospital visits required over a longer period of time, we are now able to offer Stem Cell Therapy in-house with hospitalisation only required for the day and at a significantly reduced price, given the advances in the technology.


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What is Stem Cell Therapy, you ask? Have a a look at this link for educational videos. Download Information Brochure here


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The Doherty family would like to sincerely thank Dr Peter Kirkpatrick and the staff of the Bayswater Vet Clinic for their highly professional knowledge, skills, friendly and outstanding service.


In recent months, my eight year old Golden Retriever Yoda was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis of the hips requiring two hip replacements. Dr Kirkpatrick provided the option of stem cell therapy.


We felt greatly relieved to have this option as we did not feel we could put Yoda through two major surgeries for hip replacements and an approximate six month recovery period, nor could we leave his condition untreated.


The stem cell therapy was a significantly less invasive option, Yoda did not require pain relief going home and was mobile after the procedure as there was no incision required to his hips. We only needed to keep Yoda relatively quiet for 10 days post procedure. We were given the option of banking Yoda’s cells, so the cells would not require being removed again, should Yoda require further treatment in years to come. Yoda’s repair cells will continue to help him in the future.


Since Yoda has had the stem cell therapy we have noticed a speedy and significant improvement in his mobility and happiness. We are noticing he is making movement we have not seen him make in recent years such as playful bounding, we have noticed no limitations to his mobility. He appears to be a lot happier in himself and has become significantly more playful (especially with our cat!). He is no longer putting his back legs down when walking as though in discomfort and is not hesitating to jump into the car. We are very thankful to have had the option of stem cell therapy and such a positive outcome.


From the start of attending Bayswater Vet Clinic, we have found Dr Kirkpatrick, Elise and staff friendly, highly professional and considerate, making this journey less stressful than it may have otherwise been, including emotionally and financially. Dr Kirkpatrick explained Yoda’s x-rays and condition and provided us with information about stem cell therapy so we could make informed decisions. Dr Kirkpatrick has always been professional and approachable when we needed to ask questions and seek his expert guidance.


We will also be truly thankful to Dr Kirkpatrick and staff for their care of Yoda which has resulted in such a positive outcome for Yoda and our family.

~ Noreen Doherty





We can't thank Peter and the team at Bayswater Vet Clinic enough for helping our beautiful 'Lily'.

'Lily', our lovely Burmese cat has suffered from severe arthritis for 3 years - at the age of 4, we noticed a clicking sound when she was walked and her back legs were very sore and painful which would make jumping and moving very hard. She needed monthly injections for her arthritis, and ongoing pain relief to try and alleviate her pain.

Our lovely mobile Vet, Dr Peter, suggested that we might like to look at Stem Cell Therapy for 'Lily', a new procedure that he was offering at Bayswater Vet Clinic for pets suffering from arthritis. Peter gave us all the information, and after thoroughly researching Stem Cell Therapy, we were enthusiastic that it was an amazing option to help 'Lily' - her medication and injections were no longer providing her the relief she needed, and we knew we had to look at something else.

'Lily' spent the day with the team at Bayswater Vet Clinic and came home to us that night. We were amazed that she didn't need any pain relief when she came home! We needed to keep her quiet for the next few weeks for best results - we didn't realise how hard that would be now that she felt so much better!

Over the next few weeks, we noticed an improvement. Lily would no longer sit on the ground and stretch the back legs out because of pain. Within a week, we noticed her jumping onto the table and high desks that she previously couldn't. She no longer hesitated when she was jumping, and was much happier within herself. Even in this short amount of time, we would watch her walking and moving, and you could see that she no longer felt the pain and discomfort that she used to.

It is now six months after her surgery - 'Lily' has not needed pain medication or injections since her Stem Cell Therapy! She jumps and moves almost like a "young" cat again and none of us have looked back. We have chosen to bank some remaining Stem Cells, that we can use in years to come, if we need to.

We are so grateful to Dr Peter and the Bayswater Vet Clinic team for their ongoing care of 'Lily' and for offering us this fantastic option for her arthritis. We cannot recommend Peter highly enough and we always recommend him to all of our friends and family for their pet’s health care. Thank you! 




Sarah Fistric, Merim Humerovic and ‘Lily’


For the past 2 years, my 10 year old Golden Retriever Buddha has been suffering from arthritis in both knees and her toes on her front feet. One foot was so bad that she had to have a toe amputated. She walked with a limp and exercise was limited. Supplements and medications gave her little, if any, relief.


I had heard of Stem Cell Therapy and decided to see if Buddha would be a good candidate. I found the Bayswater Vet Clinic online and was very impressed by how informative the website was. From the beginning I was very comfortable with Dr Peter Kirkpatrick and all his staff, they were so friendly and caring.


Dr Kirkpatrick was highly knowledgable and very professional. He explained the whole procedure, from the x-rays to long term aftercare. He also explained all the costs involved. I decided to go ahead for Buddha to have the Stem Cell Therapy on both knees and toes in her front feet.


Everything went well with the procedure - because it is not so invasive, and with the aftercare she received from Dr Kirkpatrick, Elise and Staff, she recovered without complications.


After 10 days of keeping Buddha relatively quiet, I was able to ease her back into exercise. The results after 2 months have been amazing! She can walk without a limp and I can’t believe how much the swelling in her toes has gone down. 


We could not be happier!


Dr Kirkpatrick took extra Stem Cells to bank, so we have more if needed for future treatment.


The Stem Cell Therapy has made a significant improvement to Buddha’s life and she is so much happier.


Through the whole journey, Dr Kirkpatrick has been very professional, always approachable and ready to answer any questions.


I would like to sincerely thank Dr Kirkpatrick, Elise and all the staff at Bayswater Vet Clinic for looking after Buddha, and their ongoing care. It has made the whole experience a lot less stressful than it would have been otherwise, for both of us.


Kaye Marotta



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